Aprox. – Bad Music EP (SPEXI056)

Aprox. : Bad Music EP 3″CDR

Bad Music EP contains six delicious tunes of pure human chocolate. The music ranges from minimal vocal electro to industrial, hiphop and IDM. It is neither pop nor avantgarde but a species unto its own. Cosmopolitan tunes for your every precious need!

APROX. was founded by Finnish producer MR:HC aka Julius Valve back in 2002. Since then APROX. has been busy conquering clubs, venues and festivals all around Finland, as well as remixing a number of up’n’coming pop bands. 

SPEXI056 | 3″ CDR, edition of 200 copies.

Aprox. aka MR:CH aka Human Chocolate


Aprox. creates noisy and discontinuous experimental breakcore from the same drug addled realm that gave us such depraved genius as Venetian Snares and Terminal11. His ironically titled Bad Music EP is a 3″ CD of mostly non-repetitive beats and glitches in a hyperactive and complex abstract narrative, real music for the ‘ADD kid’, meaning there is actually quite a bit of music on this 23 minute 3″ CD.
As with other music from this subculture (Doormouse, Dev/Null), Aprox.’s production here is heavily distorted and lo fi, in keeping with his “not giving a fuck”. Luckily, he knows how to make a lot out of a little, and the sound found here is quite powerful. The distortion is pleasing to the ear in its unique way, almost like the beats were run through a guitar amp.
For sheer compositional prowess, the two versions of “Elbow Knock” are the best and most complex tracks on the release. Cut-up rhythmic structures emerge only to collapse, reform and again demolish themselves. It’s far from danceable, but this is clearly intentional, and it’s wonderful brain food.
“Tissues and Candles”, with its circling music box tones, is the obligatory ‘lonely bedroom soliloquy’ IDM track as per Aphex Twin, Autechre, etc. It’s emotional and immediately likeable, but there are thousands of tracks like this out there, and I find the rest of the EP to contain more of a distinctive flair.
Elsewhere Aprox. tends toward aggression. “Responsibility” has very distorted industrial style vocals dripping bitterness and desensitization, for an effect not unlike some of the newer Kid 606 tracks with vocals, very punk in its intentional dischordant ugliness.
This track and “Skincrawler (with Pedigree)” have more straightforward, midtempo dance grooves that bring them closer to an EBM sound. The sleazy, oil-soaked vocals in the latter track create an atmosphere quite well, recalling the best moments of Pig (Raymond Watts).
Most surprising of all is “Darkest Day (with Roy and Emily Boswell)”, an understated glitch pop tune with a watery guitar progression and melancholic vocals. The lush atmosphere and clicking beat are closer to Radiohead or Bjork than to any of the other music on the EP. It has a very honest, ‘first take’ feel to it that gives it a certain ennui, and I enjoy it very much.
Aprox.’s Bad Music EP was clearly created with limited means, yet displays remarkable ambition. There are a surprising number of styles found on this 23 minute release, and all executed in a natural, expressive manner. This is an example of the refreshing eclecticism and lack of pretention that is found in the best DIY music. This EP is highly recommended to fans of breakcore, digital hardcore, noise, industrial, etc. (Musique Machine)

“Come on you fucking fag” and the beats and harsh noises starts as a fucked up DJ who is turning several albums simultaneously. The first track called ” Elbow Knock” of the Bad Music EP of the Finnish APROX. starts as a smash in the face. Six tracks fill this 3″CDR and techno, distorted hip-hop, alternative guitarmusic and industrial noises. APROX. is the alternative pop project of producer  MR:HC (aka Human Chocolate). The project started in 2002. Some other tracks and remixes have been released at several compilations and APROX. played at several clubs, venues and festivals in Finland and other Baltic countries. The construction of the CD is well-chosen and the songs are composed during 2004 – 2008. The songs blend seamlessly into one another and take the listener into different worlds. The music is really creative and several elements of different kinds of popular music styles melt together in an electronical world. The title of the CD is meant as a provocation, cause the music is not bad at all and I hope in future we will hear more music of this Finnish musical disturber. (Vital Weekly)

Artistinimen takaa paljastuu helsinkiläinen tuottaja MR:HC, jonka ansioluettelosta löytyy esimerkiksi Bitch Alert- ja Plutonium 74 -remixejä. Ensimmäinen APROX. -julkaisu pursuu debyytille tyypillistä näyttöhalua. Reilun 20 minuutin ja kuuden kappaleen mittainen ja enimmäkseen instrumentaalinen kokonaisuus ei pyrikään olemaan linjakas. Bad Music tarjoaa välillä itsetarkoituksellisen kamalaa noisea, jonka vastapainoksi kuullaan teollista diskoa ja lyhyt sukellus ambientiin. APROX. rakentaa ilmaisunsa töksähtäville kontrasteille ja mukavuudenhaluisten kiusaamiselle, mikä on anarkistisen jalo lähtökohta, mutta paikoin shokkiefektit tuntuvat peittelevän EP:n valitettavan vähäistä sävellyksellistä antia.
Parhaimmillaan APROX. on sekavimmillaan. Elbow Knock -biisikaksikko tuo ultrafragmentaarisessa melussaan mieleen kylmemmän ja ammattimaisemman version maan mainiosta 1234567890-duosta. Tissues and Candlesin Kid A-tunnelmointi taas katoaa omaan ohuuteensa, samoin Darkest Days, joka lauluineen muistuttaa etäisesti Beckiä. Responsibilityn industrial-disko sijoittuu jonnekin ääripäiden välille. Ehkä tämän hiukan kaikkialle harovan ensirykäisyn jälkeen saamme kuulla kestävämpiä APROX.-kokonaisuuksia. Visioita tuntuisi riittävän. (Desibeli.net)

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