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Documenting the history and pre-history of the Finnish underground record label SOME PLACE ELSE and various related activities

SOME PLACE ELSE was an independent record label established 1997. The catalog contains over 50 releases of experimental, electronic, ambient and industrial music from Finnish and international underground groups and artists. The label’s history (under the name Demonosound) reaches back to 1992. Continue reading…

Work in progress

SOME PLACE ELSE Archive is currently under construction. It is being worked on on non-profit basis, whenever time and resources allow. While browsing the archive you are likely to meet notes like “UNDER CONSTRUCTION”, “TO DO” or “TO BE ADDED”, etc. While these are just signs for the worker bees to take care of, they also indicate the particular section will be expanded in the future

Some Place Else back catalogue is available selectively via Bandcamp – physical items while stock lasts, digital files indefinitely. We hope to be able to present the complete catalogue in digital format, eventually.

Some Place Else label catalog, archive and legacy maintained and propagated by PARAFERAL.


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Work in Progress - Placeholder - Some Place Else
VoimaKäyrä: PowerWave Unlimited
Niko Skorpio live Helsinki 2013
Ovro – Ten. (SPEXIII060)
Lost Weight - Immune to Jewels (SPEXII058)