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New releases for 2011

This year has been rather quiet for Some Place Else and new releases. We have been busy with other endeavours lately, and the rapid decline in record sales worldwide has affected our resources. Nevertheless, we have some good news! Right after the winter & new year holidays, we will have a few new releases out.

Igor Bardo : My Sweet Nightmare

Bardoseneticcube mastermind Igor Bardo‘s solo album that will instantly please fans of his “mother project” and the same time introduce various surprises that will take us to all new and unexpected surrounding. Be prepared for a total experience! CD and digital.

Aprox. : Bad Music

Finally a release from the Finnish electro-glitch-breaks-noise trickster Mr. HC aka Aprox., who has been terrorizing clubs and venues around Finland for years. 3″CD and digital.

Lost Weight : Immune to Jewels

Another Finnish artist active in the experimental underground for years, Lost Weight are finally bringing completion to this masterpiece of plunderphonics and droney sound collages. CD and digital.

Besides these, we will have yet more new releases next year, including but probably not limited to new albums by Ovro, Metaorganism, Hæretici 7o74 and more!

More on everything in the next few weeks.

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