Hammer of Damnation magazine (1991–1996)

Variously subtitled during its lifespan as dark overview on dark subcultures or daemonolateria, Hammer of Damnation zine was published from 1991 to 1996. Five issues in total were published, with a series of bi-monthly or quarterly newsletters inbetween. [TO DO: more about the issues and contents, photos] Forthcoming… Zine Anthology! A book format anthology is … Continue reading Hammer of Damnation magazine (1991–1996)

Hammer of Damnation zine, issue 4

The fourth issue of Hammer of Damnation magazine was published in January 1994. Since issue 3 the editor’s interests had moved to new directions. The black metal tide of the previous two issues was giving way to industrial, gothic and experimental genres. Contents include interviews with Prophet O’Haphazard, Emperor, Mortuary Drape, Two Witches, Candiru, Monumentum, … Continue reading Hammer of Damnation zine, issue 4