Some Place Else (1997–2013)

SOME PLACE ELSE was an independent record label established 1997 by the Finnish artist Niko Skorpio. The label’s history (under the name Demonosound) reaches back to 1992. Some Place Else released over 50 records of experimental, electronic, ambient and industrial music that were distributed worldwide by an underground network of record stores, mailorders and dealers. … Continue reading Some Place Else (1997–2013)


Unconventional conjurer of surrealistic soundscapes, illustrator of dreams and nightmares with a distinct style. Surreal music, subterranian soundscapes. Dormant volcanoes coming to life. Scratches, crackles and human voice put through alchemy of sound. Bass abuse. Church bells conjured out of the sound of breathing. Odd evo/invocative lyrics. Hauntingly disturbing atmospheres, subconscious landscapes. About mid April … Continue reading Ovro