Ovro - Malice in Underland CDR

Ovro : Malice in Underland CDR

Malice in Underland is the debut album by Ovro, released on October 30, 2003. File under vocal microsound.

CDR, edition of 100 copies, hand-numbered.


”There are not many women who are interested in producing microsound, microwave or lowercase. Ovro is the exception (one of ‘m). She comes from Finland, uses computers and microphones to create small, austere yet nice soundscapes. The microphones are not to capture field recordings, but rather the voice of Ovro. Although Some Place Else cleverly say ‘file under vocal microsound’, it’s not really vocal in a very traditional sense at all. Ovro humms into the microphone and makes samples of this, something short and almost rhythmical, but sometimes longer and more stretched out. It’s hard not to see any similarities between Ovro and AGF, but Ovro has an even more minimal approach, and lyrics only sip through rudimentary, like ‘I wish To Die Inside Of You’ (file under vocal goth microsound?), adding a strange, dark and surreal atmosphere to the proceedings. A captivating work.”
(Vital Weekly)

Malice in Underland is the first release of female musician Ovro and is categorized as “vocal microsound”, minimal microsounds of manipulated noises and voices, that take the listener on a bizarre and creepy journey into a realigned reality.” (Toronto Industrial Kollektive)

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