Niko Skorpio vs Reptiljan - Silence is King 7"EP

Niko Skorpio vs. Reptiljan : Silence is King 7″ep

7″EP, black vinyl, edition of 200 copies.


“The busy bee Niko Skorpio is working on two albums at the same time, one is a solo CD and one is by a band called Reptiljan. The four tracks on this 7” “just happened” while working on those two albums. The title piece is a distorted funk piece with a computer voice which gradually fades over into noise. Downsampling sounds is the basic idea for ‘Snap Crackle Pope In The Ear Tunnel Of Love’ and results into a strange, alienated piece of music. ‘Bassfinder General’ is a place where breakbeats and grindcore meet – I had to check: but I played it really at 33 rpm and it’s still sounds five times too fast. As a counterpoint, ‘Kafka Dreams’ is almost dubby, with a female vocal somewhere. Strangely fucked up computer cum techno music in four different directions – that makes a nice EP.”
(Vital Weekly)

“Four song EP bears witness to over-activating mind and intelligence, as the end result is the dilemma of two simultaneous albums. Silence is King is like modernized Mac-funk – a grade more chaotic than the basics of funk-music, of course – combined with grinding breakcore and digital dub. After a short noise-ish inhalation even Kellogg’s crispies start talking their own language. I think I’ll write to them that my crispies are talking completely different language than in the ads. After a juicy trip of magnetism you don’t have to listen to music under any other influence than imagination, as the alter egos of realism and surrealism meet their own surrogate. Who said decorative expressionism is mockname, what?”

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