V/A - Selected Dumbient Works 95-98 CDR

Selected Dumbient Works 95-98 CDR (Various Artists)

A compilation album featuring unreleased material from various projects involving Niko Skorpio, from the period 1994–1998. Some of the material has later appeared elsewhere.


01The Delta Amoeba GroupInph Ra
02The Delta Amoeba GroupPain Endurers
03The Delta Amoeba GroupHoney Nut Loops
04Y’Malah KornukopfNu Life Stolen
05Cold Once Turning DustForm & Motion
06Cold Once Turning DustNo Form No Motion
07Cold Once Turning DustZ-I-J (Non-Local Hidden Variable)
08Niko SkorpioUnprepared Pianist
09Cold Once Turning DustOvaire
10Cold Once Turning DustFall Into Silver
11Niko SkorpioChili Winters
12Cold Once Turning DustNever Bloom

CDR, edition of about 100 copies.


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