Janko, Krul’ Albanskaj : Ekezhhm, Gyuvel Pyuganlahkh Aektspyud? CD

Janko, Krul’ Albanskaj was a project by one Henry Zalkin. His given name was Heikki Huhtanen. Zalkin was a musician, writer, interpreter and an enthusiastic person of many interests: industrial and electronic music, languages, politics, cult movies, literature and anything possible in popular culture.

Clop Neplat : Untitled 2xLP

The second Clop Neplat release is a double LP. The first piece of vinyl is all new material, while the second features remixes from the debut CD’s material by Lasse Marhaug, Niko Skorpio, Kapotte Muziek, Medit, Janko Krul’ Albanskaj and Augustus M.