Ovro – Id|entities (SPEXIII059)

Ovro : Id|entities CD

Id|entities, released on CD in 2013, is Ovro’s grand opus, dark, dense and intricate. Limited edition of 200 copies, the CD comes in bag with a large two-sized poster.


In Ovro’s own words: 

Id|entities took a LONG time to finish, at times with almost a year of not touching a track in between bursts of downright monomaniac activity. I started working on this in 2008 and yes, it took me five years to finish. 

It all began with a sudden urge to start collecting samples: ‘Go forth and sample!’ Not only my usual field recordings, but samples from movies. Some were recorded straight from TV when the movie was on, some were nicked from movies in our DVD collection. There are bits from good movies, from bad movies, famous movies, obscure movies and everything in between – but all more or less from the horror et al genre (I wonder how that happened, heh). Sitting on quite a collection of samples, the idea of the forthcoming album’s concept started to take form: stories told by individuals (from latin, individuus, indivisible) – or perhaps by personalities existing within just one or two bodies. Some bits of older, unused lyrics from Mosaick the Serpent / Vipera Aurea work files found their home on this album and I also shamelessly took stories told by uknown people, gave them an ovrian twist and made into a song. 

The first track to be done was ‘Silence’, which I always knew would be the closing piece. Others waited and often demanded to be born over the years of working. A few pieces started out as one, but soon turned into two. Some got too far away from the original idea and got discarded. 

Now, there it is: Id|entities. A bunch of stories told by different personalities. Whether the stories told are true, or just true to the one(s) telling them is left to the listener to deside. Whether there are one story-teller, or several – the same thing applies. Treat the whole as different side of one story (and try playing them in different order to see if the story changes), or as separate accounts. My work is done.”


“The embodied sound that is the artist’s trademark is very much present, as is a fine sense of space where sounds come from differing directions. Id|entities is the best Ovro album since the extremely rare The Serpent Rite (2004) – restrained, subtle and cleverly playing with the artist’s strengths. On one hand, it demands close attention to get noticed the way it deserves, on the other, it seems to intentionally drive away that attention. Its best moments are on ‘Trust’, at the beginning, and the rhythm-dominated ‘Underdog’, but there’s plenty of goodies available throughout.”
(Kuolleen Musiikin Yhdistys) 

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