Kaaos in Eccentris - Selected Works 2003-2006 (SPEX055)

Kaaos in Eccentris

Kaaos in Eccentris, or KiE for short, appeared sometime in 2003 after a discussion between several Some Place Else related artists who were looking for a new platform for improvised sessions.

The idea behind KiE is to make group noise. Mostly in live, improvisatory settings, but also with rehearsed ideas. A communal improvisatory setting allows for feedback between players (and not just between a player and an amplifier). All of the KiE players had been too used to doodling on their own in their little cubicles of sound… now a new world had opened… a society, a group… new ideas! Stupid Moves! Nightmares or dreams come true!

KiE is a loosely knit group, who get together and record in various combinations. The last known line-up included Niko Skorpio, Ovro, Mockingwyrd, Ibrahim Terzic, Dr. von Pfosforus and VIII. Most of these people have other musical outlets as well, in many different genres. They’ve employed computers, guitars and bass guitars with a floorload of effects, synths, vocals, location recordings and whatnot. All together this makes the group a mishmash of different sounds, from warmest analogue to coldest digital.

The feeling of playing together is a wondrous joy. It should be noted that the feelings do also get transmitted to the audience, if there is one. So, group get-togethers are what it’s all about…making noise together, enjoying together…together including people who are just listening, ie. an audience.

Several hours of recorded material exists, captured from sessions in 2003-2005. Some of it will most probably be released in the future on Some Place Else and/or other labels.

The only Kaaos in Eccentris release so far is the split 7″ with Liddikoatight & Leif Elggren. The featured track No-one Takes One Too Free was recorded in November 2003 by Ibrahim Terzic, Mockingwyrd, Ovro and Niko Skorpio.

– biography 2004; subsequent actitivity to be added

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