Niko Skorpio – NeitherSphere (SPE09053)

Niko Skorpio : NeitherSphere ep CDR

The NeitherSphere EP contains two radical new mixes presenting different aspects of the key track from the highly acclaimed Half Born in Half Light album. 

7″″” shoplifters mix, remixed by Niko Skorpio, strips away some of the drones to give emphasis to the complex tribal rhythms, also revealing the vibrant bassline. 

Karni Mata Dub, remixed by Karni Mata, shows the original tune completely taken to pieces and rebuilt as an all new track ruled by wild synths and hectic syncopated beats. 

The original ten-minute album version is also included. Released on CDR, edition of 200 copies. Includes video.

Originally intended for release on 7″, however the vinyl was cancelled to some issues in manufacturing. The handful of preorders were replaced with a special CDR boxset that contained other exclusive items. (to be documented here later –ed.)


Catalog number mistakenly printed “SPEDL09053” on CDR sleeve.

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