Niko Skorpio : Psilocybe Necrophila (artwork detail)

Niko Skorpio : Psilocybe Necrophila CD

Psilocybe Necrophila refers to a psychoactive mushroom that grows on decomposing flesh. The basis of this work was Niko Skorpio’s old cassette tape collection from the 1980′s. Containing mostly heavy metal demos and live bootlegs, the dozens of kilometres of obsolete tape were sacrificed on the altar of creation.

Magnetic tape — as a symbol of DNA — was deconstructed, cut, mangled, eaten and torn apart by a number of malfunctioning cassette players and other misbehaving entities. The emerging mutations were captured, processed and reconstructed, over and over until a new form began to take shape. Carefully chosen and prepared additional ingredients were then introduced to this primal tissue in order to impregnate it with a new kind of energy. Metaphorically speaking, soul was injected into the golem.

Psilocybe Necrophila asks: Does consciousness survive decomposition?


Regular edition 418 copies.

Special CD+CDR with exclusive bonus material and handmade cover, edition of 23 copies.

Niko Skorpio : Psilocybe Necrophila

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