Niko Skorpio – Grey Bloom Complete

Niko Skorpio : Grey Bloom Complete DL

Grey Bloom Complete gathers early material by Niko Skorpio from 1996–98, containing the tracks from Grey Bloom LP originally released 1998, and recordings done for the defunct Cold Once Turning Dust project. Remastered autumn 2007. The recordings were made on a portable Fostex 4-tracker. Tape hiss, crackles and other noises are considered essential, inherent elements in these recordings and have thus been preserved in amounts optimal to create and maintain the particular atmosphere.

“What we have here are some of the primal recordings of an artist who has shed his skin and regained a new creative urge leading to domains unknown. There is virtually nothing on these recordings that would suggest his past in doom metal or goth/shoegaze bands (Thergothon and This Empty Flow). This is isolationist soundscape muzak and ambient noise eccentricity that draws from wholly Other currents of inspiration. Besides that, if you listen carefully, you might find a curious stain of ‘pop’ sensibility under all the bleak grey mud. These primal clawprints indicate that from very early on Niko Skorpio has been treading his very own path, away and separate from the few other Finnish post-industrial and experimental artists who were around at the time.” —P. Härmälä

SPE08050. Released as download only.

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