Reptiljan - Archaeodermophagia

Reptiljan : Archaeodermophagia CDR

After a two-year hibernation, REPTILJAN is back! The old lizard has shed its skin again and perhaps aged somewhat, but the same explosive power remains. Archaeodermophagia is devoid of fractured beats that dominated The Hellbender Suite (2005), focusing on howling distortion, pummeling low-end rumble and piercing feedback. This recalls the beginnings of Reptiljan (self-titled debut, 2002), hence the title’s reference to eating old skin, perhaps?

Whereas the previous works were boldly digital, Archaeodermophagia was conjured through completely analog means. Distancing itself from “plain noise” there is an obvious compositional (even if spontaneously so) element at work, that defines the structure and space, and invites in hints of melody and a spectrum of emotions wider than the joyous rage that acts on the surface.

Spontaneous compositions for bass guitar, contact microphones, fm radio and delay & distortion pedals. Composed and recorded May/June 2007. Produced by Niko Skorpio.


Edition of 104 copies in hand-made sleeve, hand-numbered, includes certificate of authenticity.

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