Mockinwyrg - Cracks in the Void CDR

Mockingwyrd : Cracks in the Void 3″CDR

Not much is known about Mockingwyrd thus far, except vague credits on a number of Finnish experimental releases (often by other Some Place Else artists, such as Ovro and Niko Skorpio). It is rumoured that Mockingwyrd is also a bass player in several doom & thrash metal, jazz and experimental groups. Shadowy names like Kaaos in Eccentris, Typhon Sleeps Heavily and Rytannia are repeatedly whispered among the gossip. Reportedly a mysterious bass wizard participating in a recent show by dark-ambient-experimental artist Cosine Nomine was also identified as Mockingwyrd.

Sceptics maintain Mockingwyrd is just another pen-name of a Some Place Else-related artist. Some others claim he’s an extra-terrestrial entity from Aldebaran and worship him as god of the new aeon. Some Place Else representatives dismiss both of these claims as nonsense, but what do you know? Who do you believe?

Nevertheless, Cracks in the Void is an EP, to our knowledge the debut, by Mockingwyrd. It contains two tracks recorded “in the void”, employing a bass guitar with a carefully selected pile of effects. These two tracks create a narrow yet spacious interzone, a one-off meeting point of low-frequency drones and sparse yet delicate melodies. Press play, slip in and enjoy your brief escape from daily routines.

Cracks in the Void is released as a limited edition 3″CDR by Some Place Else on January 23, 2007.

Sounds Like?

“I think that both these pieces are well done and would hit home with fans of darker ambient music and the so-called “drone doom” scene” (Connexion Bizarre on Cracks in the Void)

“Two long tracks of deep bass howl that go straight in the darker chambers of your brain. Highly atmospheric, despite the fact that it’s all improvised. The effects seem to be there to make some spacious sounds, which succeed rather well.” (Vital Weekly on Cracks in the Void)

“This is how a bass should sound like and I had to think about better days when I was young and innocent listening bands like Big Black and Melvins. The sound is massive and a punch in the face. (…) This is not only for those who like ambient or experimental music but also for those who like a good rocking sound.” (Gothronic on Cracks in the Void)

“The bass roars through the effects beings picked, rubbed and used as a magical wand just to create isolationist landscapes that are capable of catch the attention in no time.” (Chain D.L.K. on Cracks in the Void)

SPECDR07041. 3″CDR in mini-DVD case, edition of 150 copies.

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