Niko Skorpio - Escape from Heaven (SPE06036)

Niko Skorpio : Escape from Heaven CD

Escape from Heaven is the fruit of a lengthy period of hard work, the music has been composed in 2000-2005. Skorpio’s wide-ranged musical background shines through; from the deep dark ambient soundscapes of the previous The Hidden Nameless (2004), down to the cult bands Thergothon and This Empty Flow that Skorpio formed in the early 1990’s. The album could be described as “industrial”, mostly because it pays homage to the early Industrial groups such as Throbbing Gristle, Coil or Psychic TV simply by being a wide-ranged beast of experimentation as well as fusion of diverse styles. Despite the rather diverse contents, Escape from Heaven is musically a solid package.

Escape from Heaven is a Manifesto of Liberation, a statement of personal independence from all authorities and the attainment of freedom over one’s destiny, and all that it implies. The album carries a loose storyline that can be interpreted on many levels. It refers to the legend of so-called fallen angels (or “Watchers” as described in the Book of Enoch) and the price paid for attainment of freedom from tyranny. At the same time it reflects the struggle for personal freedom in modern society’s web of invisible chains that ultimately enslave the individual to the role of a cog in the machine, bound by habits and obligations often obeyed unconsidered. Breaking the vicious cycle of fears, habits and indifference means stepping out of one’s comfort zone into the wilderness of the awakened mind, where nothing is true and everything is permitted.

The music is a hermetic fusion of diverse sample material varying from traditional music from India, Middle East and Western Africa to 80′s thrash metal, flavoured with a selection of field recordings, all welded in the alchemical furnace of post-industrial electronica.

CD with lyric booklet, edition of 500 copies.

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