Kaaos in Eccentris / Leif Elggren & Liggikoatight - Split 7"

Kaaos In Eccentris / Liddikoatight & Leif Elggren : Split 7″

This 7″ vinyl presents a web of international collaborations connecting Leif Elggren, Kouhei Matsunaga, Niko Skorpio and select partners in experimental audio.

Kaaos in Eccentris is a loosely knit improvisational group, who get together and record in various combinations. On this release the line-up included Niko Skorpio, Ovro, Mockingwyrd and Ibrahim Terzic. Recorded at Niko’s place in November 2003, they employed computers, bass guitar with a floorload of effects, synths, field recordings and more. From warmest analogue to coldest digital.

Liddikoatight is a Japanese noise band, on this release consisting of Imany, Akiko and Kouhei Matsunaga, the last mentioned of the three being internationally recognized as a solo artist. Leif Elggren is a Swedish artist whose work on performance and sound art dates back to 1980. Their is a telepathic collaboration. At the time of the recording, Liddikoatight were in Osaka, Elggren in Stockholm. The material they recorded simultaneously in different corners of the world was later mixed together.

7″ vinyl, edition of 500 copies.


“Very freeform noise-gibbling split this time from Finland’s Kaaos In Eccentris and a collaboration between Sweden’s Leif Elggren and Japan’s Liddikoatight (Some Place Else 7”). The Kaaos side is a wide-ranging, small-handed glitch slap to the face of some television reporter who is “just trying to do his job”. The second side sounds like someone pouring sand into the guts of an analogue synth, while a bound and gagged engineer watches from across the room, writhing against a patch panel and picking up shortwave transmissions with his teeth. It’s hard to listen to while driving a lawn tractor. So exercise caution.”
(The Wire)

“Some Place Else continues to release split 7″s, here by Kaaos In Eccentris and a collaborative effort by Liddikoatight & Leif Elggren. Kaaos In Eccentris is a new group from Finland with Some Place Else artists such as Niko Skorpio, Ibrahim Terzic, Ovro and Mockingwryd. They hook up their laptops, bass, effects, synths and devices and their ‘No-one Takes One Too Free’ has a slowed down bass playing (rather battling) against a wall of laptop sound, slowly burning down from inside out.
Recorded via telepathy is the collaboration between reknowned Swedish artist Leif Elggren and Liddokaotight, the group with Kouhei Matsunaga, Imany and Akiko. Their telepathic work ‘Trapezoid’ results in turntable noise and a loose improv on instruments and objects. Rather a mish-mesh of sound going here, which is not rather focussed.”
(Vital Weekly)

“Kaaos in Eccentris (Finland) begins with “No-One Takes One Too Free”, revolving around rumbling ambient textures and noises with a subtle percussive rhythm and some throbbing foreground tones. It gets a bit rougher around the edges with some bizarre distortion and slightly more chaotic arrangements in a sense, but still remains controlled. Tangible basslines can be heard as well, nothing too structured though.
Liddikoatight & Leif Elggren (which I think is a Swedish/Japanese collaboration) take side B with “Trapezoid”, which is much more frantic in its use of thin, glitchy distortion, though it does have some strangely obscure melody to it as well. It certainly has an improvisational feel to it, it’s got a flow, but nothing strikes me as planned out or anything. I actually really love the distorted textures and noises, but the more random musical side is really sort of irritating to me.
The 7″ comes in a nice ¾ sleeve that lets some of the vinyl stick out, using a good balance of colorful and minimal art between the two projects, along with some succinct recording information. I’m not bowled over by this material at all, but it’s pretty cool. Certain aspects I find immensely interesting, and certain aspects I find rather dull. So I don’t prefer one track over the other, but rather bits and pieces of each track that I feel could be further explored to yield a more complete whole.”

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