Reptiljan / Ibrahim Terzic - split 7"

Reptiljan / Ibrahim Terzí­c : Split 7″

Split 7″ black vinyl, edition of 300 copies.


“Reptiljan (Finland) takes side A with “Pangrenade”, combining various hyper speed (often to an unrecognizable level) beats with fast musical loops, harsh distortion, and what sound like insanely over the top distorted vocals. On occasion it calms down to a tangible beat with some ambient loops against it, but rarely, and it’s over in a flash. Ibrahim Terzic (from Boznia but living in Finland) also offers one track track, “Yuck Brij”, which is more minimal in layering, but more chaotic in structure, using a blitz of abrasively distorted cutups and electronic glitches in an assault that runs an unrelenting four minutes or so – slacking off a tad at one point to unleash some thick bass and ethereal textures. Both artists have very strong recordings that allow a lot of density and detail to show through across a wide tonal range, so I wouldn’t change anything there. The record comes in a full color sleeve with full color labels corresponding to the cover art for each project, and that’s that. No contact information, no insert, nothing! It’s a vibrant looking sleeve, though. Not bad. I wouldn’t necessarily call either track a groundbreaking masterpiece, but the 7″ is a short flurry of sound that pleases me overall. Worth checking out.” (Aversionline)

“A split 7″ from the cold land of the fins. Reptiljan is Niko Skorpio’s plunderphonic project, whose ‘Pangrenade’ samples death metal to death. A fierce onslaught on the ears. It remains strongly in the digital domains, but not as digital sounding as the b-side by Ibrahim Terzic. His ‘Yuck Brij’ is a highly distorted computer noise, which sound, when played at the right volume, quite alright. Both pieces are sure to break down any party you have going on.” (Vital Weekly)

”Let’s first take a look on the REPTILJAN side. You got to hear a truely B.P.M. competition! There’s a simple snare hitting as fast as possible. The whole thing is overdubbed/multilayered by itself to increase volume; speed is varied in order to change the tone. A nice starting point but that’s already where it’s ending at the same time. Although there’s a few slow hip hop style parts, an echoed scream and a fast paced guitar lead (or whatever instrument that was) there’s still not enough content to keep it interesting. The dude is always using the same beat and it’s repeated throughout the whole EP with only minor accents. Shit would sound way more chaotic and scary if there’s only more drastic and rhythmic variations and additional samples or sounds. 

IBRAHIM TERZIC on the B side is like the exactly opposite to REPTILJAN. Speed is replaced through diversity. Very short and different sounds as it seems are randomly arranged to patterns and create a complex sounding collage that’s chaotic at the same time. Partly there’s also some noise loops put together in a power electronics/industrial style and they fit in perfectly. Even if there’s the total lack of speed I like this material better than REPTILJAN’s. 

If you’re looking for some new experiments in unordinary music – and that being said; both projects are really original – then you got my thumbs up for this one! I got this nice piece of wax from Jigokuki so that might be a place to go for!” (Noise Annihilation)

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