Leif Elggren & Liddikoatight

Liddikoatight is a Japanese noise group, on this release consisting of Imany, Akiko and Kouhei Matsunaga, the last mentioned of the three being internationally recognized as a solo artist. Leif Elggren is a Swedish artist whose work on performance and sound art dates back to 1980.

The (so far) one-off telepathic union of Elggren and Liddikoatight was a special project that took place in order to create one side of a split 7″ single released on Some Place Else, early 2004. Telepathic? Yes. At the time of the recording, Liddikoatight were in Osaka, Elggren in Stockholm. The material they recorded simultaneously in different corners of the world was later mixed together. The other side of the 7″ is occupied by a Kaaos in Eccentris track.

This polygon of peculiar shape has yet another angle along with the above-mentioned split 7″. The Deserted Factory label from Japan released a split CD from Niko Skorpio and Kouhei Matsunaga. Of these two solo artists, Niko plays in Kaaos in Eccentris, Kouhei in Liddikoatight. Also this split CD includes collaborations made through telepthy and/or in otherwise dubious circumstances.

– source: split 7″ info sheet 2004

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