Niko Skorpio - ChAmber MooSick CDR

Niko Skorpio : ChAmber MooSick CDR

ChAmber MooSick is a three track EP that fuses ambient drones and post-industrial dub, resulting in what was described “dark electro illbient junkscapes”. The tracks from this EP were later released on the compilation Short Cuts & Dead Ends.

CDR, edition of about 200 copies.


“Niko Skorpio has some releases before all on the same label as this new one. Here he offers three works (with a total length of just over 23 minutes). Teeth Of Eris is an uptempo piece of sampled rhythms, and samples quotes from other music, and fits the old Illbient description. In Limbo In C Major, things go more dark and there is spooky atmosphere. Quite a coherent piece. The third track is the longest and is mainly stretched synthesizer tones with a far away mumble. Nice pieces, a bit short release.” (Vital Weekly)

This Finnish artist has come a long way since the days he worked under the name Cold.Once.Turning.Dust. This CDr being the third release under his ’own’ name, the constant development has finally resulted in a style of his own, “dark elektro illbient junkscapes” respectively. The tracks really are a combination of dark droning ambient and some sample oriented electro madness, recycling some funk and eastern psychedelic records and just about anything you could imagine, really making it a diverse and fresh listening experience.
Limbo in C Major must be my favourite track off this CDr, being a truly intriguing piece of droning dark ambient with a clear direction. Albeit the obscure nature of the music, I feel this to be surprisingly energetic and by far the best Niko Skorpio material I’ve lent my ears to. Hopefully he keeps developing his style even further, although I keep my fingers crossed, hoping that he doesn’t jump the funky disco bandwagon with all the other ex-This Empty Flow members…”

“This EP from Some Place Else, Finland is a pleasant surprise; the samples are used in an entertaining way, voices are nearly hidden with some decent percussion and the electronic soundscapes drift along constantly mutating. Niko’s overall approach reminds me of electro pioneer Frank Tovey (Fad Gadget) in the way he uses his gear for maximum effort without getting lost in technical questions.
His sampling attitude, especially on the opening track Teeth Of Eris, brings Broad Broadcasting Bureau in mind and the more or less analog sounding drones on Limbo In C Major and the nearly 12 minute Flooding Aura the likes of Steve Roach.
But Niko Skorpio (featuring the Mad Jackal Orchestra) has a sound of his own and a caring hand for details; the artwork is well done, avoiding expensive efforts and proving there might be a way to use CD-Rs for independent productions without going cheap. Not an desperate attempt for uniqueness, but an original one well worth trying.”

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