Ibrahim Terzíc - Fabrike Jaja CDR

Ibrahim Terzí­c : Fabrike Jaja CDR

Ibrahim Terzic released his debut mini-album Fabrike Jaja on Some Place Else in spring 2001. Having previously played in a “metal-banging industrial band” in his home town Tuzla in Bosnia, Fabrike Jaja introduced a completely computer-based sound, yet as intense and noisy as ever. Avanto Festival, who later booked Terzic for a show in 2003, described it as “like a quarry studied at close range”.

CDR, edition of about 150 copies.


“Ibrahim Terzic comes from Bosnia, but now lives in Finland and this is his first release. In his eight untitled pieces he explores the crossover between noise and glitch. I assume it was entirely put together on a laptop. An entire digital release without any beats or rhythms, just explorations of stretched and processed noises. Sometimes going in a heavy industrial mode, but all in all a very nice release.”
(Vital Weekly)

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