Niko Skorpio - Grey Bloom [xero vol zero] LP

Niko Skorpio : Grey Bloom [xero vol zero] LP

Grey Bloom [xero vol zero] LP was the debut album by Niko Skorpio. Having recently ended their Cold Once Turning Dust project, some of their unfinished material was further developed and included on this album.

HAM 012 LP
12″LP, black vinyl in stickered disco sleeve, edition of 210 copies.

21 years later in 2019, the album material was restored from the original master tapes and reissued on CDR/download in 2019 as Grey Bloom [XXI Engram Recall] by PARAFERAL Sound.


“On the already noted Finnish label Some Place Else this LP from a guy I never heard of, but who offers a nice debut. The first track on side one is a weird, almost dance-like piece, most notable, very distorted and it approaches dance music naievly. The next track ‘Nordic Cichlid Club Night’ is mumbling of voices and somebody who stands on cable. ‘Radio Harmagedon’ opens with shortwave and Crowley chanting (gosh that was a long time ago). Later in the piece, as the radio is firmly set to static, a keyboard is underlining the piece.
The b-side is filled with the 19 minute opus ‘The Shadow Monger’ which goes from wind like synth into an obscure world in which nothing seems real, a wicky wacky bass synth enrolls some doodling (maybe computer generated noise?), before it delves the spirit of the underworld again. Towards the end the whole orchestra is sampled and played – pathos.
In all: file definitely under industrial, but one with a sense of humour, with here and there an odd pun to the subject ‘industrial’.”
(Vital Weekly)

Grey Bloom on ambienttia, joka yhdistelee lo-fi teknoa, muodikkaita elektronisia saundeja ja ripauksen modernia funkkia 40 minuuttiin ja 4 biisiin sisällytettynä. Turkulaisen Niko Skorpion lisäksi tuotantoryhmässä ovat olleet sellaiset suuruudet kuin Gedon DaGray, Salvia Divinorum ja Y’Malah Kornukopf. Rajua! Hoida tämä ja hämmästy puoleen taikka toiseen.”
(Like Uutiset)

“Niko Skorpio esittelee vinyylillään Grey Bloom – xero vol zero (PowerWave) sähköisten äänien elämää, jollakin tapaa biologisesti ja naturalistisesti. Pääosassa ovat maailman äänet, kuin mikroskoopin tai kaukoputken läpi nähtynä. Ihminen on läsnä, mutta vain tarkkailijan osassa.”
(Jukka Mikkola / SOUNDI)

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