Clop Neplat (Mads Staff Jensen)

Clop Neplat

Clop Neplat is a one-man project from Trondheim, Norway. All music is conceived and constructed by Mads Staff Jensen. Mads Staff Jensen is Clop Neplat.

Clop Neplat has so far only manifested itself on two occations; the Lomés the River cassette on TWR (Norway) and together with Herb Mullin on the Kulture Shot Vol. 1 vinyl compilation on AIPR (Germany). TWR will within a few months release a limited edition cassettebox with the best Clop Neplat recordings from 94–95.

Clop Neplat’s music is somewhere in the isolationist / dark ambient genré, although to label Clop Neplat as “ambient” would be wrong, as it is not in any way easy listening. Fans of Lull, Lustmord, Hafler Trio and the heaviest Cold Meat Industry bands will love Clop Neplat. The music is devastatingly heavy and although it’s full of dark and cold ambience it never stands still, always drifting; working itself slowly, painfully towards new heights, new depths and new worlds. Clop Neplat has not yet made any live performances, but this is something that they are working towards.

The talent of Mads Staff Jensen is also to be heard on the upcoming Rock-n-Roll Meltdown CD by Egoproblem, to be released by TWR sometime 1996. Clop Neplat will also appear on the Throbbing Gristle Tribute CD together with Deutsch Nepal, Merzbow, Deathprod and others.

Clop Neplat does no do mail so some sort of management/contact is run by TWR which also has Lomés the River and soon the cassette box available.

Clop Neplat has now agreed to do one CD for Demonosound.

(Clop Neplat biography from Demonosound newsletter 3/1995)

Releases on Some Place Else

CD1 (1997)

Untitled 2xLP (1999)

Clop Neplat also featured on the Nite Mare Slo Motion compilation CD (1999).

Mads Staff Jensen also appeared on Arthole tape (1994) by Herb Mullin.

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