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The first printed newsletter under the new Some Place Else brand was mailed early September, 1997. It would also be the last newsletter printed and mailed in this scale. News, mailorder and other communications were hastily being relocated to the web. While Demonosound did have a website it was maintained by a third party. From now on, the Some Place Else staff would handle all the online communication and website development. In effect, a periodical newsletter would cease to exist, to be replaced by more on-demand type printed catalogs and flyers.

The newsletter informed that the Black Crystals mini-album by Darkstyle would be imminent on CD and limited 10″ vinyl. Also a short interview with Darkstyle, conducted by I.A. Kaukua and J.M. Joensuu was included for promotional purposes.

Some Place Else newsletter – September 1997

The following were listed ad ‘upcoming oddities’ and ‘in the distance’:
– CLOP NEPLAT : L P 1 (VoimaKäyrä)
– COLD ONCE TURNING DUST : Grey Bloom CD (VoimaKäyrä)
– Nite Mare Slow Motion compilation CD (VoimaKäyrä) – “so far scheduled are Cold Once Turning Dust, Clop Neplat, Lasse Marhaug, Noval Dream and Alchemy of the 20th Century” (this would change quite a bit by the eventual release…)

Also an introductory type Q&A appeared in this newsletter, quoted in full below.


WHAT? Some Place Else is a threshold. A channel from the world of creation to the world of consumption and hedonism. Or whatever it may come up with. It was formed from the base of the record label Demonosound. Demonosound will stay as one of our “sublabels” or a trademark [more about that elsewhere] equal to VoimaKäyrä: PowerWave Unlimited… and new ones that may pop up any time.

Why the change, then? Some Place Else will be more selective yet a lot wider in its approach compared to what Demonosound used to be. Most of the distribution of other labels’ stuff that we used to have with Demonosound will be history. The tie, energy and motivation gained by this will be devoted to our OWN artists and releases. Besides having new music released more often we hope to put out other things, stuff to read and wear for example. With a couple of friends and helpful people in general we’ve had in mind to arrange some cool club nights and gigs every now and then.

WHERE? Some Place Else is a blind from somewhere inside Turku, Finland’s oldest city. So far the Place works on a kind of “immaterial” level in an unofficial location [my home if you want it straight and clear]. Materialisation as a form of a little basement office or other is due to the moment reserved for it. Whenever that be? Money, tell us!

WHO? I [Niko is the name] have all the strings which to pull. Co-operation with various people, artists, other labels and such is of course going on all the time. More or less. I wish I had a partner with whom to actually share both the joy and the trouble about the “business”, but judging by the situation I shouldn’t complain.

WHEN? Time is – basides relative – a subject that is sometimes hard to deal with. I seem to have a reputation of a “slow motion” person, but that is only half true. All orders and such stuff will be handled and mailed in two working days. The deadlines, then, are more relative. As this is a nearly zero-budget business I’m afraid there will be delays every now and then; the financial side is always a bit tricky.

WHY? Totally irrelevant. One has got to do something, and a lot of it. To create something divine, therefore supportable on the highest level. You get – sort of – wider all the time you let loose something from the inside. Everyday alchemy. It’s a matter of taste whether you like gold, silver or whatever the best. The target gets closer. A cliché sums it up: why the hell not?

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