DEMONOLOGUÉ – Demonosound Newsletter 1/97 (February)

Demonologue – newsletter 1/1997

The first newsletter for 1997 arrived in February, slightly before the rebranding and reorganisation of the label activity.

CD1 by Clop Neplat had just been released under the VoimaKäyrä: PowerWave Unlimited imprint.

The newsletter announced as ‘coming out next’ the following:
– DARKSTYLE : Black Crystals mini-CD (Demonosound)
– COLD ONCE TURNING DUST : Grey Bloom CD (VoimaKäyrä)
– COLD ONCE TURNING DUST tba. mini-CD (VoimaKäyrä)
– THERGOTHON tba. CD (Demonosound)

Out of those, only the Darkstyle mini-album would be released as such, plus on 10″ vinyl as well. Thergothon CD was supposed to contain their ’91 demo but this was eventually transferred for release to Eibon Records, Italy.

The Cold Once Turning Dust project would soon be terminated and the promised Grey Bloom CD would become COTD founder Niko Skorpio’s debut solo album Grey Bloom [xero vol zero] LP.

Newsletter 1/1997 was xeroxed, black & white, 12 pages in A5 format, about 100-150 copies.

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