HAMMER OF DAMNATION Newsletter 1992–1994 (header logo detail)

Hammer of Damnation magazine (1991–1996)

Variously subtitled during its lifespan as dark overview on dark subcultures or daemonolateria, Hammer of Damnation zine was published from 1991 to 1996. Five issues in total were published, with a series of bi-monthly or quarterly newsletters inbetween.

[TO DO: more about the issues and contents, photos]

Forthcoming… Zine Anthology!

A book format anthology is in preparation and pre-production since 2019. The book will contain complete scans of all issues as well as selections from the newsletters. We also managed to restore contents prepared for the unpublished issue 6 and some other very special related bits that will complete the anthology.

The contract has been made with a renowned publisher. All material has been provided for them, so the project is currently in the hands of the publisher. We hope to see the book published this year! (That is, 2023, for the record…)

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