Hammer of Damnation zine issue 5

Hammer of Damnation zine, issue 5

Issue 5 of Hammer of Damnation zine was published early 1996, after over a year of silence since issue 4. The fifth issue came in a redesigned B5 format and had the feel of a ‘rebirth’ of sorts. The articles and interviews were presented as more considered and in-depth than previously.

Issue 5 featured interviews with Brighter Death Now and Cold Meat Industry, Trom, Sad Parade, Mortiis, Blood Axis, Dialobos Rising and Ghosting, plus articles about Bathory and the Fields of the Nephilim.

Issue 4 was offset printed, black & white, 32 pages in A4 format. The edition was 300 copies.

The End of the Line

Issue 5 would be the last Hammer of Damnation ever published. Continuation with issue 6 was promised several times, but… see more about issue 6 here.

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