DEMONOLOGUÉ – Demonosound Newsletter 1/96 (March)

Demonologue – newsletter 1/1996

The first newsletter for 1996 posted in March, carrying some long-expected news and indicating a very busy year:

Hammer of Damnation #5 is finally in the print”, and in B5 format to differ from the previous issues.

“Also the Gloom 7″ by The ColdOnceTurningDust is currently being manufactured. It’ll be on white vinyl, packed in an A4 booklet. We hope to see it ready by the end of March. This will also be the first release on our ‘sub-label’ VoimaKäyrä: PowerWave Unlimited“, the latter emerging as a so-called ‘noise dept.’ within Demonosound. This kind of branching was an attempt to make sense of the label’s rather diverse output.

This Empty Flow album Magenta Skycode is released mid March” on Avantgarde Music, Italy.

A second press Bluenothing CD by Lavra was also made, due to the first batch of 500 copies selling out. The second press was another 500 copies.

Clop Neplat is preparing for his CD. It is promised to be more intense and harsh than the previous material, still with the haunting hypnotic power. We hope to have it released during Summer sometime.”

Newsletter 1/1996 was xeroxed in black & white (cover sheet in brownish paper), 12 pages in A5 format. Edition about 150 copies.

DEMONOLOGUÉ – Demonosound Newsletter 1/96 (March)
News page – Demonosound Newsletter 1/96 (March)

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