DEMONOLOGUÉ – Demonosound Newsletter 3/95 (December)

Demonologue – newsletter 3/1995

The third newsletter for 1995 was delayed so much that it ended up being the last one for the year. For a change, it returned to standard vertical A5 layout, partly for economical reasons. Some news pickings:

“The long promised fifth issue of HAMMER OF DAMNATION is finally ready for print (well, 95%…)” … promising to feature in-depth articles and interviews with Brighter Death Now, Bathory, Diabolos Rising, Fields of the Nephilim, Ghosting, Blood Axis, Mortiis, Sad Parade and Trom.

“Another thing long promised and long waited is the debut release of The COLDONCETURNINGDUST. To give the artist(s) more time to concentrate on the full length release we will release a 7″ to show people what this project is about. The material for the vinyl slab is completed, only the Daemonick release schedule as well as manufacturing details will push the release date further.”

The newsletter also features an introductory text about Cold Once Turning Dust, revealing that “at the moment [the project] is [Niko] Skorpio (Demonosound etc.) helped by various individuals whenever needed. There have been and may in future be other more stabilized ‘members’, especially for live performances that already have been planned.”

Also announced are plans to release material from the Norwegian Clop Neplat on Demonosound in the future. Clop Neplat being a project of Mads Staff Jensen who was already on the Herb Mullin Arthole tape beside Lasse Marhaug.

Furthermore, there’s a one-page feature on This Empty Flow, revealing the band have “finished recording their debut album for Avantgarde Music”, containing “eight songs of shadow-ridden ‘pop'” and carrying the title Magenta Skycode.

Newsletter 3/1995 was xeroxed, black & white, 16 pages in A5 format, edition of 100-150 copies.

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