DEMONOLOGUÉ – Demonosound Newsletter 2/95 (Summer)

Demonologue – newsletter 2/1995

The second newsletter for 1995 followed its predecessor’s stylish horizontal layout. Most of the inner content was spent on the mailorder catalog, while the news section still had something to offer:

The COLDONCETURNINGDUST are slowly working on the material for their first release, pre-titled ‘Grey Bloom‘. It’ll be released on CD by Demonosound, possibly in cooperation with Frozen Lands Prod. The release date depends on how long the artists will take to complete the recordings, and it seems we’ll have to wait for a while still.”

In other news, there was delays and deletions:

THIS EMPTY FLOW official cassette release has been deleted since the band is negociating a deal with Avantgarde Music. They are getting ready to record their debut album.”

Hammer of Damnation issue 5 was to be delayed through the summer due to some technical reasons related to “new and more powerful computer equipment”.

Newsletter 2/1995 was offset printed in horizontal A5 format, black & white, 12 pages, edition of 200 copies.

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