DEMONOLOGUÉ – Demonosound Newsletter 2/95 (Summer)

Lavra : Bluenothing CD

Bluenothing, released on Demonosound early 1995, appeared as some kind of oddity between metal and goth. Lavra, formerly known as the doom metal band Sceptical Schizo, had on their debut album taken a turn towards post-punk, shoegazing and goth rock, and promptly changed their name in the process.

Bluenothing was described back in the day as “fragile ambience and melancholic floating sound waves serve as sonic manna for night time listeners”. Lavra’s wall of buzzing guitars, distant vocals and reverb-ridden production may have initially confused many in the metal scene, still the first edition sold out quickly and another batch of 500 copies were made.

Bluenothing was recorded the band’s debut album in lengthy sessions in their own studios (S-hole and U-96) in Pori from August 1993 to July 1994. The album suffered from some production problems which resulted in rather trebly, distant sound. In retrospect this may have emphasized the alienating atmosphere and given Bluenothing a distinct aural fingerprint.

Lavra disbanded later in 1995, leaving work on their second album unfinished. Bluenothing would remain the band’s sole release. Some members would later appear in the goth/doom band As Divine Grace.

CD in jewel case, first edition 500 copies.
Second edition (identical) 500 copies.


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DEMONOLOGUE – Demonosound Newsletter 2/95 (Summer)

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