DEMONOLOGUÉ – Demonosound Newsletter 4/94 (Winter)

Demonologue – newsletter 4/1994

The last newsletter for 1994 saw the return to previous standard A5 size, “due to certain difficulties in printing the two previous issues”. Contents were the usual mailorder catalog and a news section. From the latter we find:

“The fifth issue of HAMMER OF DAMNATION Magazine is in preparation. It will be published early 1995 featuring interviews with some of the darkest acts in metal / gothic / industrial / experimental scenes and a large biographical story of a famous cult band whose name will be revealed to you in time. One important thing is that we won’t do ANY reviews any longer thus please do NOT send any stuff just for a review!”

“Things for the debut CD of LAVRA are currently being prepared. Advance material is available from us on tape for magazines, distributors, radio stations etc. This CD release will be the ‘debut’ release of Demonosound as an officially registered company which we will be since the beginning of 1995.”

Newsletter 4/1994 was xeroxed in black & white, 12 pages, size A5. The edition was about 100-150 copies.


There was a 4-page A5 size update to the newsletter, printed around the new year. Contents were plain mailorder updates, also featuring an ink drawing by Niko called “Freezing Moon” (referring to Dead and Mayhem, obviously).

Update to Newsletter 4/94 (December)

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