Herb Mullin : Arthole TAPE

Herb Mullin was the main alias for the Norwegian noise artist Lasse Marhaug in the early 1990s. Arthole was one of numerous tapes he released, often hailed as one of his best of the period.

Arthole contains seven tracks of harsh industrial noise with some ambient-ish drone passages. Mads Staff Jensen of Clop Neplat is credited for programming on one track.

Chrome Tape with 8-page A5 size booklet with art by Lasse Marhaug. Edition of 150 copies.

Trivia: The original plan was to release a split cassette album by Herb Mullin and Project of Evil Minds N’GAI (Niko Skorpio’s noise project at the time). However, the latter didn’t come up with satisfactory material in time, the Herb Mullin side was released on its own. (30 years later, Skorpio released some of this early N’GAI material as N’GAI+COTD Tapes 1993-1995.)


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