HOD Newsletter 1/94 (February)

Hammer of Damnation newsletter 1/1994

The first newsletter for 1994 was mailed out in February. It mentions Hammer of Damnation issue 4 being out and available, Eterne 7″ having received “extremely positive” feedback and the band signing to Candlelight Records for a full-length.

Then, changes on the label schedule front were due:

The Project Of Evil Minds N’GAI had some problems concerning the recordings of their side of the split cassette with HERB MULLIN. Due to this we’ll release only the HERB material alone. This ritualistic dose of industrial space noise will be out within a couple of weeks.”

“(…) we had to cancel the release of GRAVELAND mini-CD due to financial problems. Otherwise the release date would have been delayed a lot. Too bad, the tracks for it are undoubtly the best they’ve done so far!”

Also of note, perhaps, is that Stream from the Heavens CD by Thergothon is still listed as “coming soon” in the catalog…

Newsletter 1/1994 was xeroxed in black & white, 8 pages, size A5. The edition was about 100-150 copies.

HOD Newsletter 1/94 (February)

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