Hammer of Damnation magazine issue 4 (detail)

Hammer of Damnation zine, issue 4

The fourth issue of Hammer of Damnation magazine was published in January 1994. Since issue 3 the editor’s interests had moved to new directions. The black metal tide of the previous two issues was giving way to industrial, gothic and experimental genres.

Contents include interviews with Prophet O’Haphazard, Emperor, Mortuary Drape, Two Witches, Candiru, Monumentum, Gorgon, Goethes Erben, Anathema, Varathron, plus Spanish label Drowned Prod., a Lithuanian scene report, and a huge pile of demo, album, ep, zine etc. reviews.

Issue 4 was offset printed, black & white, 40 pages in A4 format. The edition was 500 copies, hand-numbered.

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