HOD Newsletter4/93 (August)

Hammer of Damnation newsletter 4/1993

Newsletter 4/1993 was mailed out in August as a now typical combination of news, announcements and mailorder catalog. Among news we find:

ETERNE signed for a 7″ep (as mentioned in the previous update) to feature tracks “As the Silence Fades” and “Lament” being recorded in August. The release is promised for Autumn.

PROJECT OF EVIL MINDS N’GAI, introduced in June as ‘over-industrial psycho-noise’ is planned share a 60-minute split tape with the Norwegian HERB MULLIN, to be released “soon” on Demonosound.

Plans for a mini-CD by GRAVELAND from Poland announced. The record would contain four song, and the release planned towards the end of the year.

The second edition Hammer of Damnation issue 3, just recently printed in 200 copies is already half gone, according to news.

Apologies are made for the delay of Stream from the Heavens CD by THERGOTHON; “it seems to [need] more time to get it released than we thought. Not to blame the label Obscure Plasma though…”

Newsletter 4/1993 was xeroxed in black & white, 12 pages, size A5, typical for underground zines of the period. The edition was about 100-150 copies.

HOD Newsletter 4/93 (August)
HOD Newsletter 4/93 (August)

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