HOD Newsletter 3/93 (June)

Hammer of Damnation newsletter 3/1993

Newsletter 3 was mailed to subscribers and customers in June. Some developments and changes, compared to previous news, are found:

“The 7″ep release of KADOTUS 609 will be delayed due to some problems with the recording. Hopefully the problems will be solved soon so that we are able to release the ep without bigger delays.”

This seems to be the last mention of Kadotus 609. Also the promo tape has been deleted. In other news of note:

“We have also signed PROJECT OF EVIL MINDS N’GAI. Not yet is known which will be the format to release their material, because it depends on the length of the recording and other things, of course. As for their ‘music’, it can only be described as some kind of ‘over-industrial psycho-noise’ (…) towards artists like SIGILLUM S, HERB MULLIN or such.”

Newsletter 3/1993 was xeroxed in black & white, 12 pages, size A5, typical for underground zines of the period. The edition was about 100-150 copies.

[ARCHIVE NOTE: only cover sheet, pages 1 & 2, are found]

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