HAMMER OF DAMNATION Newsletter 1992–1994 (header logo detail)

Hammer of Damnation Newsletter 2/1992

The second Hammer of Damnation newsletter was out in December 1992. Besides the usual mailorder catalog and news from the underground scene, it informed about the delay of the third issue of Hammer of Damnation magazine.

The newsletter also announced new and forthcoming releases on the new label wing of our activities:

“A new cassette ep release on HAMMER OF DAMNATION Production is now available. The band is CALLOUS FART, this German/Finnish band (project?) that performs their own kind of GrindRock, “Cuntmetal”, in an extreme and unique way. Since their earlier demos […] they have matured from frantic grindnoise to more sensible kind of music. On this new tape there’s 11 pervert songs (+ intro & outro) that keep you rocking and fucking… Please see the ad for further information!”

“Yet another thing that you can await to be released by us in future is KADOTUS 609 which is going to have a recording session in late December. It is planned to get 4 songs recorded; 1 for a split-ep or a compilation lp/cd and 3 for the debut ep to be released on Hammer of Damnation Production.”

Newsletter 2/1992 was xeroxed in black & white, 12 pages, size A5, typical for underground zines of the period. The edition was about 100-150 copies.

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