HAMMER OF DAMNATION Newsletter 1992–1994 (header logo detail)

Hammer of Damnation Newsletter 1/1992

The first Hammer of Damnation newsletter was published in September 1992. The newsletter was a small periodical published every two/three/four months inbetween actual issues of the magazine. Its purpose was to share information about new releases and current events in the underground scene, our news in particular. Major content was also the mailorder catalog.

Newsletter 1/1992 (September/October) announced the third issue of Hammer of Damnation magazine, then planned for release on November 13, 1992, to be featuring bands such as Burzum, Ancient Rites, Necromantia, Septicemia, Apator “and many others”. The release date was later delayed over to early 1993 as revealed later on.

Newsletter 1/1992 was xeroxed in black & white, 8 pages, size A5, typical for underground zines of the period. The edition was about 100-150 copies.

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