Hammer of Damnation issue 2 (detail)

Hammer of Damnation zine, issue 2

The second issue of Hammer of Damnation magazine was published in March 1992. Subtitled ‘Daemonolatreia’, the contents focused more and more on black metal. The zine featured interviews with Impaled Nazarene, Tiamat, Mayhem, Demigod, Beherit, Therion, Beheaded, Blasphemy, Possessed, Samael and Sentenced, plus a scene report from The Netherlands.

The issue also included an opinion piece “Satanism, devil worship and death metal” by one Mirabilis Adversarius, voicing his distaste on mixing said themes. To which the editor briefly responded with an inclusive and non-judgemental passage in the spirit of Aleister Crowley…

Hammer of Damnation issue 2 was offset printed with a glossy cover (a sign of ‘professionalism’ at the time), black & white, 40 pages in A4 format. The edition was 400 hand-numbered copies.

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